Sunday, July 02, 2006

Sheffield, Glasgow, Cardiff & Liverpool.

My strap broke. When I do that silly "Spin the bass" trick (In "Still Of The Night"), the leather just snapped, sending my Jazz bass flying at a high-velocity into Tommy's Drums and drum riser. The Priceless moment had TD in STICHES- he couldn't even finish singing the tune! I had no clue what had happened until Reb pointed out that my bass was in the drums! I switched basses and carried on, thankful that it didn't go into the audience and take anyone out.

Glasgow: The stab-wound capitol of Europe. I somehow managed to leave that place without either giving or receiving a proper puncture wound! Glasgow was perhaps the best UK audience (no offense to anyone else!). Everyone was loud and into it and the WS choir was in full force. They really gave a lot back. It also may have been the Hottest, Sweatiest, humid show next to Toulusse France. Hung with some really cool fans back at the hotel after. Annemika, Helga and Lorraine from Doug's board were there too. We gotta do it again sometime Lorraine- that was too fun!

Cardiff: Loved it. Met great people here in my first Welsh visit. Through lunchtime friendliness, myself and TD made friends with 2 beautiful ladys. One managed the biggest club in Cardiff, and we became her invited guests. What a great time- food and drinks and dancing! Her friend is a former reality show star in the UK, now with her own talk show and a life of papparazzi stalkers. Very sweet. Thank you girls for kick-starting our stay in Cardiff! And Mark and Jo and Louise- such great people in Cardiff to hang with.
I am glad I didn't see the guy Tomy ran into- who was walking down the street vomiting on himself though every facial orifice without even bending over to stop.

Liverpool: Big outdoor tent. Huge arena inside. Awesome backstage outdoor area. The power to the lights went out a few times- but the PA system and spots still worked. I hung out with the opening band (The Answer, whom I adore) on every break, shooting Whisky and talking shit. They're from Ireland, and definatly bring out some of my Irish blood. This was the last time I'll see them until we hit the UK again (yes, AGAIN) in a month or so.

Up next: London Baby! (The place I love to hate!)


At 11:56 PM, Blogger Minna said...

Hi! Nice to read your blog, AGAIN!

See you in Helsinki, on Tuesday!!!!!


PS. With just a little shaky feet. :)))

At 1:24 AM, Blogger helgaxx said...

Hey Uriah!
Glad you had a great time as well!
Glasgow was awesome...those people know how to make a party right? LOL

Lorraine...what did you do with Uriah?? ;)

Helga xxx

At 1:59 AM, Blogger Susan said...

We saw you in Sheffield, great night! and you are indeed Lord Of the Strings.

At 6:14 AM, Blogger Uriah said...

That's Reb- He's Lord of the Strings!

At 7:12 AM, Blogger Cindy said...

Hi Uriah...yes Glasgow was great...although the puke in the audience gave it a rather bar-vibe..oh well. It certainly was HOT weather-wise and other-wise. Hmmmm. HOW could I have missed that bass in the drums!!! I think that was one of the days I was back in the audience...i'm so short, if I'm not in the front or in the balcony, i miss a lot. Home now...Hope you are having a great time. It was fun!! I'll be in SAN FRAN this fall and I'll see if you are playing any. Take care
Love, Cindy

At 3:20 AM, Blogger Purplesnake said...

Hello Uriah, what happened with the bass?? Now it has wings??
Take care!


At 3:38 PM, Blogger Terri said...

Hey Uriah!
I wish I could've seen that bass flying over head... Priceless Kodak Moment!! Thanx for sharing the rather quirkier things that happen during the shows. America misses you guys! Have a great show Friday!! Love & Peace,



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