Sunday, June 04, 2006


It was too short of a stay there- just over 24 hours. Very beautiful architechture, and the food....? The best Italian anywhere (duh!). In the morning, I went to the venue early to catch some of the other bands, like Helloween. It IS after all the GODS OF METAL festival. But the young guy who worked for the festival and picked me up got a BIG NAIL stuck in his tire. He had no idea what to do. So there I am- new Italian jeans and a nice white button down shirt, in the middle of Milano, emptying his trunk, jackin' up his car (actually his fathers), and gettin' down to business! I didn't mind though- we've all been in this situation before and needed someone to show us the way. Besides, it was better than chancing it and getting a blow-out on the freeway! Dude was thankful and cool. I hope he sends me the pic he took- pretty funny.

I managed to hear the end of Helloween. After dinner, I went out front amoung the 20,000 or so fans to see Mötor Head. What a trip! Next was Def Leppard. Before I ever played bass, they were my favorite band on MTV. I was a big fan, and now here I stood watching them live at a big festival where I was in the Headlining spot! You never know how life will go sometimes. The band was cool though, and I think we'll be working together again at another gig. I got a picture with Joe Elliot.

Our show was great! Huge stage- and I absolutly LOVE playing outdoors. Great crowd too!

Now I'm sittin here on my Swiss day off nursing a head cold from the allergies of the air and severe dust at the Milano show. Hope it gets better by tomorrow. Lots of water- also no alcohol for a bit- just to cleanse the system. Is that possible on tour? Of course... Anythings possible!



At 4:25 AM, Blogger Minna said...

Hi!!! :))))) Your posts are great!!! Made me smile (big smile). Now, I feel like being the fly on the tour bus. Great bands at Gods of Metal. Take good care of yourself and see you in Helsinki! Btw. do you watch football in Germany?


At 8:10 AM, Blogger tina said...

oh my god,it seems like your having fun!but seriously I've been a Whitesnake fan for a looong time now,and I was so happy when I thought you were coming to Croatia,Split,my home town.Now I'm disopointed beacuse you're not coming!! I'm the biggest fan ever!I've got a newspaper clip of Whitesnake that's 13 years old!I have a t-shirt,every album ever made,I love every song!right now I'm listening to "Woman Trouble Blues"...god I love every song,people think I'm opssesed with you guys but I think that I'm the one and only true fan.But not coming here is not gonna stop me,I'm going to your show in Ljubljana nad Beograd!I wish you all the best,and see ya soon!

At 8:11 AM, Blogger tina said...

oh you can visit my blog at

At 3:17 PM, Blogger Ana said...

Nice to read you again Uriah...after one week...:)
Good to hear that have good time around Europe...Yes anything is possible in life actually...Every moment is realy important to catch it in real time...Great to have pic with Joe Elliot and I want to have one with you...:))

Stay in good, and take care...waithing news and new pic from tour...



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