Tuesday, May 30, 2006

UK... So far...

London Cancelled.

Manchester Rocked!

Birmingham- we had to stop the show half way through. DC tried but couldn't do it- vomiting all day- food poisoning. We ended Snake Dance right before Cryin in the rain (instead of going right into it), and David addressed the crowd. Once they realised it wasn't a part of the act, they applauded. It was a lil emotional, even for me. He's NEVER done this.

So now I woke up in my room 2 days later- figuring everything will be fine for the show tonight... My son and his friend are here- still sleepin. My Mom and Michelle in the other room. Losts of guests and fans anticipating the show. But the Day sheet schedule under my door has a big 'CANCELLED' accross it. I know David would never cancel if he didn't have to. It's a little dissapointing though. Shyte happens! I know we all wish David a full recovery soon.

Playing is the greatest payoff for me that makes all this worth while, you know? I'm not here to be on vacation. So instead I'm spending as much time with my family here as possible. I Can't wait to do the rescheduled shows for our great fans.



ps. just got back from X-Men 3... It Rocked! (I'm a big Famke Janssen fan!)


At 11:18 AM, Blogger Minna said...

Hi! I was sad too, when I read about the DC's illness. It's the worst thing that can happen. But it's better to take care of, because it can get really nasty if not. I know, I had that kind of bug last year. Enjoy your time in London. I've never been there.

Gimme aka Minna

At 4:33 PM, Blogger Ana said...

Dear Uriah,

I'm so sad for that that was happend to DC...but as you said... shit happens!...he is just human as we are...and he can't change anything in this case...I pray every day for his easy recovery as soon as it can be...I know that WS fans will find understanding for this situation...I know only that DC need that now more than anyting...a full support from his fans and possitive hilling vibes...
Me and my hubby sending him best wishes for full, quick and easy recovery...:)

...but see something bad and something good happend these days...now you can be with your family little more as u planned...this gigs are reschulded and everything will go on the way it must be...I hope that everithing with DC will be fine...I wish that!...and tomoroow WS will continue with tour as you planned...
Stay in good...take care...and spend best time ever with you family!

Kisses to you and all up there,

At 9:29 AM, Blogger frytz said...

Hey Uriah, sprechen sie Deutsch??

It was really cool to meet you in Manchester, looking forward to next week. Hope tonights show will be rockin' again!!

take care

At 4:25 PM, Blogger Purplesnake said...

Hello Uriah!
Good to know you're in company of your family!
Best wishes to DC and the band!

At 9:20 AM, Blogger Cindy said...

Hi Uriah! Yes, Birmingham was such a terrible shock! I was sending LOTS of energy that DC could just make it off the stage!!! I'm glad he is well mending and performing again! THink I saw your son on the side stage!!! How cool! My last show (for now) was Hammersmith. WIll see you again in Newcastle. Take care!!! Thanks for all your kindness while I was with you guys!!
Love, Cindy

At 2:52 PM, Blogger ronster500 said...

Hi Uriah...

I've seen one and a bit shows so far (!) I was there at Birmingham, DC looked devastated at having to stop.
Unfortunately I missed London, since I could not change my days off so where did I end up on the Tuesday, you guessed it, the pub!
By all accounts the rearranged show was great, I'll next see you guys at the end of the month!


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