Friday, May 05, 2006

Get Ready... Get Set!

Just finished a week of rehearsals in LA with the band. There will be some older Whitesnake songs in this years set- but I wont tell which ones! You'll have to come out to a show to see for yourself. Also lookout for a new release in the fall. Will it be live? Will it have new tracks? Will it have Uriah on bass? I know you want to hear "YES" to all of these questions! Stay tuned for more on this.

Gotta go pack. My basses and cabs are already on their way. Waking up for the early flight tomorrow will be a bitch. Last night I met with a bunch o' friends in San Rafael for some g'bye drinks & hangin out. David is very concious of the sadness of leaving loved ones in order to tour. In his own words to our family members, "I humbly thank you for once again allowing me to take these gentlemen from you". Touring has definately put a strain on my relationships with loved ones. But now is the time in my life to exert energy doing what (I think) I've always wanted to do. At least for a while.

As usual, I'll be bringin a studio on the road with me for doing work in the off time. If you know anyone that would like bass lines on their stuff, feel free to contact me. I can walk anyone through the technical details too.

Ciao for now. See you in Nippon!


At 11:39 PM, Blogger Ana said...

:) Hey Uriah,
Nice to see your post again...I hope that u enjoy your trip in and guys have a lot of great concerts, a lot sunny days and beautiful nights...and that it is good experiance for you...I want to send you grettings from Macedonia...for u the band and specialy for David...I pray for u guys every day and I waitig you in Macedonia with my friends to have best time ever!!! I want to thank you to your loved ones that I can see you with Whitesnake on this tour...and sending them kisses and for all familyes to everyone in the band, and please take care for David like for your own brother...and please write us here to know what is next and how are u and the band...what's up there...Thank you again for your postings...I waithng the next...:) Hugs and kisses...Ana

At 11:54 PM, Blogger Ana said...

:) Me again...I forgot to ask you what is that stuffs in your travel bag??? :)



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