Sunday, June 04, 2006

UK part 2

so we only missed 1 & a half shows due to DC's illness. But we're back on track now. I was however really bummed for my son and his friend to have come all the way from Denmark only to have a cancellation. But when I found out that the show would go on in Portsmouth, I let them skip their flight home and put 'em on the tour bus instead! What a blast! Shilo and Sebatian can now go home with a true rock-and-roll experience under their belts! They loved the bus, the venue, the hangin' out with the opening band, The Answer. Fun times!

Then the rescheduled London show at the Hammersmith Apollo. I spent all morning getting the boys safely on the train to Gatwick airport. Got back just in time to get to soundcheck. The show rocked! The venue looks much bigger on the DVD- they did a really great job filming it.

Bass geek corner: Special thanks to John East who came out and delivered me a J-Retro pre-amp for my Jazz bass. I can't wait to experience this well reviewed unit in my Franken Jazz ('Franken', for super modded).

The only thing about being in London for so long was the cost of everything. $40/day internet? Fuck That! I'm boycotting the KENSINGTON ROYAL GARDEN at all times in the future, and you should too. The rooms are overpriced and outdated, and they charge premiums for everyday things that they consider "Luxuries". Customer service is at a minimum as well (but that's London in general). The people and fans we met were great though.


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