Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Powering through SE Europe.

From Belgium to Germany...
In the front of the bus is a huge windshield. I sat and watched the sun rising while conversing with Patrick before hittin the bed. This was to be the last drive with our driver Patrick. He's taking the bus to grab the Deftones on tour. He's a great guy and a great driver but the bus was shite. So many problems. We called the loo "The Bubble Drome" (among other things)! Our new bus is f'n great! Double decker with power lounges and 12 bunks (for 6 people).

Stepping back...
It seems as if we powered through Spain hardly stopping at all, except in Zaragosa for some great building pics and a medieval street faire, and Barcelona where we had a day to walk the Ramblas walking street. That day, Reb and I were very glutinous and American- eating fast food at both McDonald's AND KFC while drinking large beers from McDonald's (they were actually great!). It was hard to keep up with Reb although I did alright. My tolerance was way down from my prior dry spell. We met mostly tourists, but what do you expect hangin out where we did? I wanted to Jet ski, but for 130 Euro per hour??? No way.

We had a day off in Brussels which was very gorgeous for walking around and snapping more pics of buildings. Show day was another headlining spot at an open air festival called Grasspop. The Belgians really know how to throw a festival! Everything was organized and neat, with nice structures, signage and stage(s). I watched Lacuna Coil from the stage level. Our show went great, and everyone felt good about getting back to playing such a big stage. There was even a huge ego ramp up front.

The next gig was also headlining, in Germany. Things didn't go as smoothly this time- like the power going out 5 min before we hit. Some of our Crew (Imy, Chris, Joya and Mick) enjoyed the Inflatable pool in the public backstage area. I got to meet a great young bass talent Louri Porra from the band Stratavarious, among others. Great guy- I hope we get to hang and talk bass and stuff again.

..And all caught up...
Last night was my first Newcastle show. This is the closest thing to a home town gig for David. Everyone welcomed him "home", including the hotel where we are staying (The Vermont). Right outside my window is a castle- literally right in the parking lot! It's very old, and is apparently THE Newcastle that the town is named for. I think I'll go take a walk down by the river now. And perhaps have another Newcastle. Cheers.

ps. I think we'll be playing the new song tonight! Finally.

pps: other misc. stuff:
Madrid: We changed venues to a small oasis cantina place- very hot- 2 encores! They wouldn't let us go! We were gonna do the usual, but I told David when we went back on stage that we were ready for "Bad Boys". What an ENCORE! The place went nuts. First time we've played it on this tour.
Tolousse France- The hottest gig ever! DRIPPING with sweat in a tiny Club. Surprised no one passed out. HUGE full city party was happening til 5am. Crazy!


At 10:28 AM, Blogger Minna said...

Hi! Wonderful to read your post again! And I love your pics. Although I find out that there are many places I've never been... That band is written Stratovarius and the bassist is Lauri Porra. It's a great finnish band and Kotipelto is a great singer for them. I don't listen to them often, a bit too hard sometimes for my feelings at the moment. (<- read - old bird that is :))
Well, I wish you happy UK touring and really looking forward to hearing the new song!!!


At 3:05 AM, Blogger helgaxx said...

Hi Uriah!!
Looks like you guys have a great time....thank you for your beautiful pictures. I noticed you where taking pics on Graspop while you where playing LOL Very cool!!!
Helga xxx

At 4:31 PM, Blogger Ana said...

Hey -U!
Nice to see your posts again...u know how to pick up the pic...they are great...The Mc'donald's and KFC food in middle of Spain and BIG beers it's great!...many tourists I gess...:) My friends from Spain told me that they had great time on WS GIG's there...WS rock them gooood!...I want to be more more more awsome here in Macedonia too!!!...btw Lacuna Coil are faboulos...I love that band too...and want to see them in live...it's great that you have that opportunity...but didn't say little more for that...:(... but never mind..:)I whish you great time in UK!
Read ya again!
- Ana

At 4:27 AM, Blogger Alune said...

Ey, hello, I am Spanish and I was in the concert of the LorcaRock, was fantastic. When they left in their bus, Uriah did a photo to us, Where it is that photo?. A greeting and I feel it but my English is not very good.


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