Thursday, July 13, 2006

2 up in Norway, 1 in Finland

I thought London was expensive-- I obviously hadn't been to Norway before. My god! $14 beers and $100 dinners for 1! For some regular shit! But enough about that... Norway was perhaps one of the most beautiful places I've ever seen. Click the pics for the bigger versions- So nice!

From when we landed in Haugesund (sp?) to when we played in Skanovik (at the local yearly blues festival), the landscape and fjords and such were breathtaking. Got a few pics. Although there were people puking on the street in Cardiff, Wales, Norway takes the cake so far for the most drunks per capita. And many rude ones too. They did however love the band and filled the tent when we arrived. Apparantly, they love blues and not rock, with Whitesnake being their 1 exception. I do think we could've played jazz flute on stage and they wouldn't have known the difference though. I however wish I had taped the show, as I played my butt off! It was my best show playing-wise- going out on limbs and landing everything I intended to do. I love that and strive to make it so each time I play. Anyways, we did what we call a runner (again) where we run straight off stage to the vehicle- usually to beat festival traffic and get to a long drive ahead. I fucked around and was late to the van. Tommy tore my head off. I shouldn't have been late, but it was really 30 seconds. I'm just not that stressed on time like everyone- never have been. Everyone will survive! But out of respect for others I'm sure I can tighten it up a bit. I'm way more on my game than last tour, for sure!
On a side note- I haven't laughed so hard in as long as I can remember.... Afrter going out for a few drinks, our driver, Solvi, piloted a bicycle we found that had flat tires, head first into an indoor pool at 3:30 am. Priceless! He's an Icelandic wonder. We also played in Oslo before flying to...

Helsinki, Finland...
3 days there. It turns out that my bassist friend I met at the Germany festival (Lauri Porra, from Stratavarious) lives a few blocks from our hotel and was in town for a day. We checked out his new apartment and played some bass ideas together. We're way similar in many aspects of our playing and careers. (check out his profile at We're both young bass whores with a main gig in older established bands. He gave me a lot of music, so I returned the favor with a dvd chock full of MY influences. The funk and rnb goodness, with some of my own stuff in there as well. One CD he gave me was Whitesnake Live: The Early Years. I had never heard the original "Here I Go Again" or "Fool For Your Lovin" before. Amazing playing! Melodic bass and Allman Bros. style guitars. "Like a Hobo" cracked me up! Thanks for the schoolin'!

We had dinner with his girlfriend- I had the RIBS- which were actually quite respectable (I got high standards comin' from the Baaaaay Errrrrria, CA) The show was huge- over 6,000 people, and it was our own show- not a festival. The opening band had 3 accordions and played old metal tunes. I love accordions, and am planning on getting one this year when I get home. One of our fans, Anya who had been emailing me for a while made the trip from Russia with two friends to see the show- what a great hang! They brought us as a gift, some fine Russian Vodka- I can't wait to crack it open! I'm waiting in an Airport right now, so maybe now's the time, no? Thanks Anya, Anastasia and my new St. Petersburg Tour Guide! And thanks to all the beautiful Finnish people who were so kind and welcoming.

Off to Czeck Rep.- Not Prague, but Brno.

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At 3:48 PM, Blogger Ana said...

Hey U!:)
I like scrrolin'...give us more to read :D
I get a tickets for 24 July!!!! I cannot wait untill then!!! Now... more then ever!!!
Good to read that u and band have great time! I'm waithing...:)


At 10:26 PM, Blogger Cindy said...

HI Uriah!! Ya met YEV!!! Sounds like you are having loads of fun and learning lots!! Oh to be in my 30's again!!! oh well!!;) (anytime ya need old WS material..let me know..haha...everything DC(even when he was 17!) has ever done PLUS boots!!;) Wish I could come to more shows...but the Grand Canyon calls! take care, Cindy

At 8:04 AM, Blogger Ann said...

Hi Uriah!

Well, it was about time for you to get to know some older WS stuff! Nice thing to do from Lauri to give it to you. I went to listen to M3 some time ago and I have to say that Micky Moody, Bernie Marsden and Neil Murray still sound good.

Your show in Helsinki was great! I was lucky to be in the front row but didn't see you very much since I was right in front of Doug. I had some nice "flirting" with Timothy ;-). It was nice though that you visited our side of the stage a few times. I tried to take some pictures of you but I have to say it was somewhat difficult since your hair seems to be in the way all the time ;-).

Too bad I didn't have my camera ready when you showed me your tongue piercing (well, like you said there were 6000 people there so you probably didn't show it just for me, but of course I like to think that you did ;-D ). Sure would've loved to chat with you guys after the show.

My brother plays bass in a band called Lines of Leaving (if you're interested you can find their site with Google) so I have a special place for bassplayers in my heart ;-).

Sorry to have blathered so much ; ). I hope you have a nice tour onwards and everything wents well!!

- Ann

At 1:02 AM, Blogger Terri said...

Hi Uriah! I look forward to reading your posts and the pictures are so beautiful! The memories you are creating for yourself are priceless. Thank you so much for taking the time to appease your fans and friends with the intimate details of your travels. Love & Peace and as always, traveling mercies, Terri

At 9:48 AM, Blogger Minna said...

HI Uriah! Thank you so much!!! It was nice to meet you in Helsinki! I had a great time at the show and even did some headbanging from an old memory. :o You are a very sweet and lively personality. Nice pics from Norway and keep on writing!!!!


At 4:21 AM, Blogger Purplesnake said...

Man! these pics are awesome!! Beautyful place!
I guess you and the band love mac donald's!!

At 12:52 PM, Blogger Mila said...

Hi Uriah!
The show in Helsinki was great. I was happy to be introduced to you and Doug by Yevgeny. Thank you for that special atmosphere before and after the concert. It was also interesting to read your notes about Norway and Helsinki & the pictures are really wonderful. Take care, be Happy...Mila

At 6:22 AM, Blogger eljanssen said...

WOW my word what tremendous bass playing but then again, I always think you play your BUTT off! Can't wait to have you back in the UK for the last 2 dates of the tour; then what? Home I guess? Have you anything else lined up for Autumn? Did you get chance to catch up with Shilo in Denmark and how is he doing at school there? Does he share your love and talent for the bass? One more question if I may! Flametal is this Flamenco and Metal combined and how do you pronounce it? You have inspired me so much I have ordered the Elder to hear just how this musical marriage works!! Take care of you and see you soon.... x

At 2:46 PM, Blogger Sarah said...

Hey Uriah, Love the Tour Diary, its sooooooo cooooooool... cant wait to catch up with you in Birmingham.....

You take well great photos......

All The Best and keep in touch...

Sarah xox

At 11:48 AM, Blogger Kazu- said... beautiful pictures..It makes me feel like going are great photographer!!


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