Monday, October 02, 2006

New European Adventure!

OK- So I've been super slackin... on the blogging...

but check this shit.... Weird shit happens for a reason- there's just too many coincedences in my life these days!

Went to London to pick up my dream bass. Yes, the one from a previous post in Newcastle. The one I've drooled over and felt a connection with like no other. The orig. owner Mark Palmer is still cool with me- but his buddy (who was now selling the bass) really let me down. We had negotiated the sale of that bass over the course of a few weeks... Lost lots of sleep over it. He even had it on EBAY and cancelled the auction so I could be sure to get the thing. After I bought a plane ticket to London to pick it up and give him the dough, he backed out. Bummer, to say the least.

But the glass is always half full in my world. I was already looking for an opportunity to go see my son in Denmark for a bit. I jumped on the London flight and continued on to Denmark to hang with Shilo. It was so great to see and hang out with him again, although the visit was short. He did however, make me forget about the bass- which no one else could do.

I went to with him to the local music store in Viborg, Dk, where my friend Kenneth was working. He informed me that there was a "Drum Day" event happening in nearby Arhus, with a performance by none other than ex-Whitesnake Bassist MARCO MENDOZA! So crazy to be in the same far off land at the same time for different reasons. He and I were frineds before this whole Whitesnake thing, and have tried to get together to play in the past. Anyways, I thought I'd surprise him by just showing up at the show, as he had no idea my son lived in DK, let alone near Arhus. Instead I called ahead of time and we chatted for a bit- which resulted in us performing together: closing the days events with both recent Whitesnake bassists sharing the stage together, backed by the LA drummer Zoro. It was very fun to play with Marco, as he's a very well rounded musician with very diverse influences not unlike my own. We tore it up! He can sing his ass off too, as most of you know. We got to solo, trade, slap, tap etc. What a rush! The Yamaha guys were stoked, as Marco was there for them, and I was also using a Yamaha bass. The crowd loved it.

Then the hardest part of the trip hit me out of no where.... the point when Shilo and I went our separate ways to get home. Outside the venue I actually broke down a bit (like I usually do when leaving him). As Shilo got a ride back to Viborg, Marco and I talked for a while about our kids and working away from home. It was comforting, but still tough. It is what it is.

...and now HERE >>>

Now I sit in Heathrow airport trying to decide what my next move should be. Should I stay the original alotted 2 days here in the city I love to hate? I've got no where to go, but I'm looking up hostels here on the computer. Or should I just pack it up and get the next flight home since I'm already at the airport? Two days in London aint exactly cheap when your employer isn't paying for accomodations! So far I've spent one night in public places. I'm gypsy like that. We'll see whats next...
-U (Spun on Cappucino)


At 1:41 PM, Blogger Lou said...

Hi Uriah
Good to see your blog up here! It's so hard leaving my kids overnight with their daddy! I feel for you. What are you gonna do about the bass? Did you get your money back?
Take care

At 2:39 AM, Blogger Cindy said...

DUDE! Cool you caught up with Marco! I see him whenever I can at the LaVeLee in LA. Hey! I would have paid GOOD money to see you two jam!!! (or your hotel room for two nights!!!!!) Sorry about the bass! (No coincidences in the Universe, eh?)
How was Burning Man?
xo Cindy

At 5:41 PM, Blogger ronster500 said...

Cool Uriah!

Wish I'd seen that jam; I did see Marco at Birmingham Guitarfest the other week, he's a great guy!

At 10:05 PM, Blogger Ana said...

Ohhh Uriah! What a unbeliveable adventure!... is full with bummers, but what a bummer! That's realy crazy man!...I'm so sorry for wanted that axe so baddly, but I hope u will find another one soon...But see I told you that before in one post of mine when some bad thing will happend the good one is always after spend time with your boy...that's great thing..and have a moments that didn't expect anyway...and play with Mr. Mendosa...:) I want to hear that sound man!...I fell that was a real maddnes!...Strange things happening...That Heatrow airport...I started to hate it because of you...realy...:) I hope this year you will not post another post from there...change a place man! :))
Anyway great to see your post here again! I hope read you soon again!
Love & respect,


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